Karin B. Wexler, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, is a world-renowned expert in stuttering and other fluency disorders. Dr. Wexler heads a fluency evaluation and therapy program, as well as the stuttering clinic, at Teachers College at Columbia University, where she is adjunct associate professor. She has a private practice in the New York City suburbs, where she is frequently visited by specialists from around the world, with whom she shares her knowledge and treatment methods. Dr. Wexler developed the content for the fluency section of Wordweaver for speech and language assessment.


Ph.D. in Speech Pathology from Columbia University, with focus on stuttering and fluency; Board Certification in Fluency; Certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and New York State License in SLP; more


Adjunct Associate Professor of Speech Pathology at Teachers College (TC), Columbia University; Head of TC�s Stuttering Clinic and its Fluency Disorders Evaluation and Treatment Program; Director of Karin Wexler and Associates more


Publications and presentations about stuttering and stuttering therapy, fluency development, communication, conversational interaction, quality assurance, effectiveness of therapy, media appearances, grants more

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